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Injunction to ban Kurdish Pride Gang from parks successful so far

No reports of tagging or intimidation in Paragon Mills or Providence parks since injunction took effect

Springfield mayor discusses community response to gang problems

Springfield has begun to tackle a growing gang problem after several high-profile crimes. Springfield Mayor Billy Paul Carneal talks about some ways the community will respond to the recent gang problems.

Gangs from a Citizen’s Perspective

Sherley Jones, a neighborhood watch captain in Columbia, shares his experiences with gangs.

Youth Voices on the Gangs on Middle Tennessee

Gangs operate in nearly every county in Tennessee. They recruit in schools and neighborhoods with the promise of fast money and a chance to be part of a group. Some students are drawn in and others decide to stay out. Eight people share their struggles with the gangs of Middle Tennessee.

Coming Sunday in The Tennessean: Gangs of Middle Tennessee

Gangs are spreading in Tennessee, and it’s not just an urban problem anymore.

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