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NPT: Beautiful Tennessee: Parks & Preservation Preview

A preview of the new NPT Production, Beautiful Tennessee: Parks & Preservation, premiering on NPT on Sunday, November 29 at 7:00 pm BEAUTIFUL TENNESSEE: PARKS & PRESERVATION, the third installment in Nashville Public Television’s Beautiful Tennessee series, explores the majesty of Tennessee’s parks, from sacred sites revered by ancient cultures for their beauty and mystery; [...]

Paula Deen high-kicks it with the Rockettes

Paula Deen tries her hand at high-kicking with the Radio City Rockettes at Gaylord Opryland holiday kickoff in Nashville, TN.

NPT’s Next Door Neighbors: Bhutanese

Through a profile of Nashvilles newest refugees, the Bhutanese, Nashville Public Television shows the process of initial refugee resettlement and the isolation, shock and sacrifice all refugees experience in the first two years of resettlement. Next Door Neighbors: Bhutanese is the fourth installment of Nashville Public Television’s Next Door Neighbors series.

NPT: A Conversation With James Lawson

Remembering the Nashville Movement – Rev. James Lawson talks about the Civil Rights Movement in Nashville in the 60′s.

NPT’s Next Door Neighbors: Bhutanese: The Koirala Family

Among the Bhutanese refugees in Nashville is Kauishila Koirala, one of the oldest refugees ever resettled to Nashville. Kauishila has been resettled with her youngest son and two grandchildren Ram and Govindar Koirala.

NPT’s Next Door Neighbors: Bhutanese: The Forgotten Refugees

In January 2007, the US Department of State announced it would host the resettlement of 60000 Bhutanese over the next several years to cities across the US. The first Bhutanese refugees reached Nashville in July 2008, but most arrived in the middle of 2009. The UN World Food Programme released this video story about the [...]

NPT: The Music of Next Door Neighbors

Two Nashville musicians compose the music for each of Nashville Public Teleivision’s Next Door Neighbors documentaries.

Tennessean Journalists Talk About Their Work

Cancer in Tennessee

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ICU Care Could Affect Brain Function

Every day in the United States, as many as 40000 intensive care patients suffer from delirium, an acute brain dysfunction. Doctors say it is a massive public health problem that most people arent even aware of. Physicians at Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee, think the problem could be related to the care they get [...]

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