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Perspectives: The English Language Referendum

Davidson County voters go to the polls on January 22 to vote for or against ratifying a controversial English language amendment that proponents call English-first and opponents call English-only. Viewers for and against the amendment will have a chance to better understand its nuances, and call in with their own questions, when moderator John Seigenthaler [...]

LifeFlight 2006 Golden Hour Video

A video about Vanderbilt’s lifesaving air ambulance program, Vanderbilt LifeFlight, and examples of some of the lives that have been saved.

Diagnosing Skin Cancer Without Biopsy

Its an invention that researchers say could radically change how doctors find skin cancer. The hand-held non-invasive cancer scanner diagnoses skin lesions on a patient, avoiding painful unnecessary biopsies. One in three people in the United States will get Basal Cell or Squamous Cell cancer, and deadly melanoma cancer kills 7000 people each year. For [...]

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