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Vanderbilt LifeFlight – 23 Years – Patient Stories

Vanderbilt LifeFlight, celebrating 23 years of service to the Middle Tennessee community, pays tribute to patients and their families in this touching video.

Reverse Bone In-Joint Implant

Vanderbilt doctors explain how a new surgical procedure can help patients who undergo a shoulder implant.

Laser Optical Stimulation of Nerves

Vanderbilt researchers look at ways to stimulate nerves with lasers.

Digital Hearing Aids

Vanderbilt doctors are using digital technology and sound equalizers to help those who can’t hear well.

Photo Dynamic Therapy for Pre-cancers

The use of photo dynamic therapy for pre-cancers at Vanderbilt Medical Center.

Xolair For Asthma

A new medication for treating asthma.

RetCam Helps With Eye Care

Technology can help map the eyes of young children through the use of the RetCam at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital.

LifeShirt May Help With Vocal Problems

A shirt that singers wear could help diagnose vocal problems in this research conducted at Vanderbilt Medical Center.

Can Grapefruit Help You Lose Weight?

Reseach at Vanderbilt Medical Center may help answer the question, “can grapefruit help you lose weight?”

Paperless Hospital

Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital goes paperless with technology that helps doctors and nurses track a patient’s treatment.

Deadly Fungus Attacking Frogs

Research at Vanderbilt Medical Center could help protect frogs from a fatal fungus.

Infant Flu Study

A flu study at Vanderbilt Medical Center looks at flu shots for infants is safe.

Do Females Learn Faster Than Males?

Research at Vanderbil’s Kennedy Center shows that teenage girls think faster than teenage boys.

Warm Water Cataract Removal

Warm water cataract removal

Family Centered Pregnancy

This video is about how a family centered pregnancy group at Vanderbilt helps families cope.

Vanderbilt LifeFlight Landing – Blackman Middle School

Vanderbilt LifeFlight made a special flight to Blackman Middle School in Murfreesboro for flight nurses Sheldon Dreaddy and Chris Rediker to see their former patient Ulysses Durham and his classmates.

Post Nasal Drip Could Be Sign of Stomach Problems

Do you have a persistent drip going down the back of your throat? It’s called post nasal drip and it’s usually connected with allergies or colds. But some doctors at Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee, say it could be your post nasal drip is actually being caused by problems with your stomach. Barb Cramer [...]

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